Profiles are a way for each tool to customize its own MESC settings.

Profiles allow each tool to:

  • set its own default endpoint
  • set its own default endpoints for each network
  • override global metadata with its own metadata
  • avoid using MESC for that tool without disabling MESC globally

Profiles are an optional feature

If a MESC query does not specify a profile, the global configuration values are used.

If a MESC query specifies a profile, but that profile does not exist or does not specify the relevant information, MESC will fallback to using global configuration values.

Setting up a profile

The easiest way to create a profile is by using the interactive mesc cli tool, using the mesc setup subcommand.

Alternatively, you can manually add a new Profile to the profiles key inside your mesc.json. The following is a template Profile:

    "name": "PROFILE_NAME",
    "default_endpoint": null,
    "network_defaults": {},
    "profile_metadata": {},
    "use_mesc": true