Querying MESC data

Each MESC implementation provides the same set of 7 functions for querying MESC data.

The behavior of these functions is the same across languages.

functionoutput typedescriptionexample call
is_mesc_enabled()boolreturn whether MESC is enabledis_mesc_enabled()
get_default_endpoint()Endpoint or Noneget default MESC endpointget_default_endpoint(profile='xyz')
get_endpoint_by_network()Endpoint or Noneget default endpoint for networkget_endpoint_by_network(5, profile='xyz')
get_endpoint_by_name()Endpoint or Noneget endpoint by nameget_endpoint_by_name('local_goerli')
get_endpoint_by_query()Endpoint or Noneget endpoint for user input queryget_endpoint_by_query(user_str, profile='xyz')
find_endpoints()Sequence[Endpoint]find endpoint that match input criteriafind_endpoints(chain_id=5)
get_global_metadata()Mapping[str, Any]get non-endpoint metadataget_global_metadata(profile='xyz')

The profile argument is optional for each function (it allows users to customize the settings for each tool, see Profiles for details).